Sound Mind Communications

Business Writer

Book proposal, branding, broadcasting, brochure, byline article, case study, direct mail, press release, script, speech, trade article, training manual, vision statement, white paper

Ghost Writer

Memoirs, self help and how-to for coaches, companies, counselors, governments, pastors, physicians and tax-exempt organizations as well as select mainstream and Christian leaders

Writing Consultant

Manuscript consulting, copy editing, and critique for book and magazine; Q&A and brainstorming on production process and market positioning respectively

Communicate Life

That’s what we help you do at Sound Mind Communications

Every person and every organization wants to stand out from the crowd, in a good way. No individual or business wants their image–and certainly not their ideas or their solutions–overlooked, overshadowed, or undervalued. In the quest to be memorable and “get the gig,” it’s easy to forget that what sets you apart in business is not a single impression you make on a client, or even a single great accomplishment. What sets you apart in business is your ability to show up every day and “communicate life” (inspiration, hope, freshness, motivation, aspiration, etc.) for the ones you work for and to the ones you have been hired to reach. If you have been called to solve a problem, the ones who hired you want you to communicate life in the process. The ones you have been hired to reach want you to communicate life. Remember, inspiration, hope, freshness, motivation, aspiration, etc. If you have been called to take a already successful project to scale, you must communicate life in the process. Seldom (if ever) are people hired to communicate how bad a situation is. People are hired for life solutions. People are hired for solutions that benefit family, business, and the broader community. If you want to stand out from the crowd in business, communicate life through your business communications, books, magazines, collateral, etc.. Sound minds communicate life.

"...write the vision and make it plain..."

Habakkuk 2:2

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